LIBERTY Art Fabrics & Fashion Event

LIBERTY Art Fabrics & Fashion Event

Thursday 3rd January 2019
10:30 – 12:30

Dovecot Studios
10 Infirmary Street
EH1 1LT.

Dovecot Studios brought to Scotland, for the first time, a major retrospective celebrating the innovative retailer and design studio LIBERTY LONDON.

The exhibition celebrates how a British textile brand can become a worldwide success as well as a byword for artistic quality and creativity.

LIBERTY has a long association with art and design in Scotland, from paisley patterns and the Arts and Crafts Movement to the modernity of fashion designer Jean Elizabeth Muir.

We have been inspired by the beautiful selection of LIBERTY scarves and their iconic part of the story of LIBERTY textiles.

From the 1930s onwards the Liberty scarf as we know it today grew rapidly in popularity usually made in silk, though also sometimes found in wool or chiffon. By the middle of the century LIBERTY began to introduce more modern designs to their fabrics, and the LIBERTY scarf became a way for clientele to take risks with wearing more experimental artwork without changing the entire wardrobe.

We have truly enjoyed to be involved in this event featuring over 100 garments and fabrics spanning over 140 years. This exhibition is a great example of how textiles bring art in to every day life!

We are celebrating the New Year 2019, founder Sir Arthur Lasenby Liberty, and possibly a New You and would like to offer you 10% OFF our SERVICES and PRODUCTS.

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