Styling Men

Styling Men is a personal styling session for men with a stylist which lasts up to four hours and takes place at a high-end London department store.

We strongly recommend that you first book and attend a Complimentary Consultation with a stylist before attending your Styling for Men appointment.  This will allow us to identify your body shape, needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Men’s styling is a lot simpler compared to Women’s styling and is mostly sought by professional clients who value their time.

We come prepared and organised so that we can execute decisions together efficiently.

What happens during the Styling for Men session?
Based on your Complimentary Consultation, we will have established your needs and already carefully selected the brands and styles most suitable for you.  We will greet you in the personal styling suite where our expert stylist will ensure that all the garments, accessories and shoes are organised and ready for you to try on.  We will be focused on styling and fit, as well as demonstrating how you can create different outfits from pieces we have selected for you.  We will also teach you how to add on accessories to create different looks, and how shoes can transform your outfit in an instant.

At the end of our styling session we will put together your favourite outfits so you have a clear vision of what works for you and what could be a wise future investment.  There is no need for you to buy everything at once as we will guide you through what to prioritise, being mindful of our mantra “quality wins over quantity”.

Our mission is for you to have an enjoyable experience with a world class service.

£500.00 4 hours